To 'green' or not to 'green'

Looking back nearly a year to when Armour Heritage began I find myself surprised at the ‘demographic’ of the clients with whom AH has been dealing. My grounding was in EIA for housing development – normally green field sites and normally of a large scale. Whilst this type of project is still on our books, the vast majority – probably 80% of our turnover – is in the green energy sector. Asking around it seems this is becoming the norm across our industry. So where is the housing boom the media bangs on about? AH is involved in a handful of large and moderately sized housing developments, but most of these are ‘leftovers’ from the 2008 crash that have been hanging around in planning for years.

With the energy companies attacking the so-called green levies and the government’s great leap backward in commissioning a new nuclear power station in Somerset (Fukushima anyone?), is there really a future for green energy in the UK? Recent reports seem to suggest, in Germany at least, that green energy and its associated self-sufficiency in energy production, will lead to lower prices for the consumer – whilst here in the UK our prices spiral out of control.

At AH we support the greening of energy production – for the sake of our environment, for the sake of our economy and for the sake of our pockets!

Posted on November 14, 2013 .