Six Months On

Today Armour Heritage is celebrating a mini anniversary – it’s six months since the company’s incorporation and it has been a very positive start to what was, at the time, rather a risky venture. As things stand the heritage planning work continues to be commissioned with new archaeology, cultural heritage and related projects arriving on a regular basis.

We are particularly pleased to be involved in the new Environmental Impact Assessment project for the final phases of development at Wichelstowe, a major development area to the south of Swindon and a number of other projects in the housing and renewable energy sectors.

AH continues to offer the most competitive pricing schedules with guaranteed response times and delivery dates with an emphasis on sound, pre-application advice based on Rob Armour Chelu’s many years of personal experience of planning and consultation with County Archaeologists and English Heritage across the UK.

Alongside our established heritage planning, AH is now undertaking Heritage Management Plans and archaeological watching briefs as standard, with procurement and tender consultancy for larger scale archaeological fieldwork projects.

Of course it is you, our clients, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for our initial success, a success we intend wholeheartedly to build upon through the remainder of 2013 and beyond. So please do keep in touch, we are here to assist you in completion of your planning applications through pre-application advice and post-determination condition resolution and are always available should you need us.


Posted on June 6, 2013 .