New Year, New Challenges @ AH

Looking back at previous items on this page, it’s clearly been far too long since it was last updated. A lot has been happening at AH in the past 12 months, with a number of very noteworthy items springing to mind.

At the beginning of December 2014, AH was two years old. Turnover has risen substantially and continues to do so. In fact, in December of last year AH completed more projects than in its first 7 months! Rumour has it that AH now boasts one of the largest throughputs of solar farm planning work in England.

As a result of this very welcome rise in workload, AH is delighted to welcome on board its new co-director Sue Farr. Sue had previously worked as a Senior Project Manager in Wessex Archaeology’s fieldwork team, with an impressive list of projects to her name, not least of which was the Stonehenge Visitor Centre scheme, which, despite the traffic chaos it has caused (anyone living in the area will know exactly what I mean here!), was an important and ambitious undertaking. Sue joins both to co-manage all of AH’s heritage work and to help set up a new fieldwork company, more of which at a later date.

A further consequence of the increase in work and personnel has been the successful search for new premises, actually only around 500m from our current address (and cyclable on appropriately dry bright mornings). The very rural surroundings allow for surreptitious bird watching out of one window and result in extremely dirty vehicles, but such is life!

Existing and new long term contracts with a number of clients suggest a bright and busy 2015.


Posted on January 16, 2015 .