Although the days are getting shorter (!) …

…the list of interesting heritage and archaeological projects at Armour Heritage is getting longer, with a whole suite of challenging development proposals on the go at the moment.

This week we’ve been up in the East Midlands, advising on a farm diversification scheme where the local farmer is hoping to install a new solar PV array whilst he continues to protect an extensive, well-preserved set of earthworks relating to a group of water meadows on the site. We hope the advice we’re including in our heritage asset assessment, which follows a more broad brush historic environment desk based assessment, will help him to overcome the heritage concerns of the planners, and provide a new income stream for the farmer, conserve the heritage assets on his holding, and create some lovely green energy too!

Elsewhere this week, we’ve been preparing a heritage statement for a small housing development in Hampshire, where the setting of a Listed Building is provoking some interesting discussions with the local Conservation Officer, and also seeking competitive quotes to provide best value to our clients on two fieldwork projects. One relates to a pre-determination trial trenching evaluation for a large residential development in Worcestershire, and the other is linked to a post-consent planning condition for an archaeological excavation in Somerset prior to construction of a new agricultural building. We’re also working on a planning statement for an appeal on another renewables scheme in mid-Wales involving a single wind turbine and its impact on the setting of a Listed church, and meeting with the planning and Conservation Officers to discuss proposals for a new school building in Berkshire, where the setting of a Grade II Listed Building and buried archaeological remains are high on the agenda.

So although there’s been a turning point in the celestial calendar this week, at AH HQ the steady increase in project work is making sure our days stay long, bright and sunny!

Posted on June 26, 2015 .