Happy Birthday AH!

It’s exactly four years to the day that I took the fateful step to quit my employment and start AH, and four years on AH has become established in the heritage sector with a growing client base including both repeat clients and a steady stream of new ones, from individual householders to larger more well-known developers looking for a change in their heritage advisors.

In the early days our work focused, as it does today, on housing and mixed use development although a decent percentage involved renewable energy. Wind turbines gave us much of our earlier assessment work with solar adding significantly to the mix after a few months. This sustained us well for a couple of years until the removal of government support triggered the renewables sector to crash – causing us more than a little consternation at the time!

Since then, through a combination of advertising, contacts and word of mouth, our market share has grown significantly with year-on-year workloads and turnover continuing to rise.

This past year and a half has been our busiest yet. With the arrival of Sue Farr two years ago, we have been able to branch out, allowing more archaeological consultancy and fieldwork management of large-scale schemes to complement our ‘bread-and-butter’ heritage-led work.

Despite the economic uncertainty engendered by the referendum result, we remain cautiously optimistic for the future, and we hope to be repeating our now ‘traditional’ birthday blog for many years to come! 

"Found any gold yet?"

Posted on December 7, 2016 .