A Lively Start to the Year

Despite our earnest predictions that January would be a relatively quiet start to 2016, something along the lines of… “time to get over Christmas and ease back into work gently”… or words to that effect, January has proved to be our busiest and most successful month in the three-and-a-bit years since AH was set up. Rather than the “gentle start” we predicted, we've found ourselves to be very busy indeed, working the occasional weekend on a range of projects across England, stretching from West Cornwall to Norfolk and Suffolk , along with several developments closer to home in Somerset and Wiltshire too.

Things have been busy on both AH’s main ‘fronts’ – heritage assessment work and archaeological fieldwork management – with a number of new clients coming on board over the past few weeks with new housing schemes and work assessing Listed Buildings ahead of their conversion/re-use, alongside the re-emergence of projects put on the back burner, which we had considered may not be happening at all.

All in all it’s been a bright start to the new year then, with current projects extending, in some cases, through to the summer and beyond. We look forward to more of the same as the year progresses!


Posted on February 1, 2016 .