Summer's Here

Plenty has happened since our last blog back in June – seems hard to believe it was really only just over a month ago? 

England’s footballers, true to form, failed miserably at Euro 2016, falling to a team of mighty part-timers managed by a dentist, and supported clearly and unfairly by Thor. On the positive side, the weather seems to have taken a turn to the good recently – you could almost mistake it for summer - which has made our site visits of late rather pleasant, in particular those down to the Cornish coast! Thanks go to a number of our clients for their impeccable timing!

But I suppose of most significance to small businesses like Armour Heritage, Britain has, for good or ill, voted to leave the EU at some as yet unspecified time in the future. It’s far too soon to say how, or indeed if, this will impact on the heritage sector. The message we’re getting thus far is ‘business as usual’, which is encouraging in the short term at least. In a similar vein we also wait and wonder what impact, if any, a new Prime Minister and Cabinet will have on the UK’s heritage sector. 

This in mind, we can report a positive past few weeks work-wise, including the aforementioned new projects in North, South and West Cornwall, London, Warwickshire and Wiltshire alongside the securing of a substantial fieldwork project in Sussex. All of this will help to augment our ongoing heritage and archaeology work across the country, so things at AH remain busy and we, the Directors, remain happy! 


Posted on July 21, 2016 .